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These 7 Countries are Comfortable to Work in, Number 3 Most Recommended

For those of you who want to have new challenges in your career, you may try to work in other countries. In addition to the completely different atmosphere, abroad you can get a lot of new experiences and knowledge that you can't get in Indonesia.

By working abroad you can learn to be more independent, your mind will be more open due to different lifestyles and different cultures.

But choosing your destination country for work should not be arbitrary. If the goal is work, it means that you will stay in the country for a long time. For this reason, before deciding to work, you must first choose which countries are more comfortable for you to live in.

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The following is a list of 7 countries that are friendly and comfortable for foreigners and can be used as a destination for you to work with the minimum wage value for each country quoted from tradingeconomics.com as of the end of 2017

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1. South Korea

These 7 Countries are Comfortable to Work in, Number 3 Most Recommended
 These 7 Countries are Comfortable to Work in, Number 3 Most Recommended

Minimum salary: 2.4 million KRW or around Rp. 31 million/month

The only extreme thing about this country for those of you who come from a tropical country is the weather. Because, South Korea has 4 seasons like countries in Europe. So you have to prepare clothes for winter before going to this Ginseng Country. South Korea is also friendly with Muslim tourists, so you who are a Muslim don't have to worry about finding halal food there.

Quoted from the experience of several bloggers who have worked in Korea, the cost of living in South Korea is arguably not too expensive. For daily meals, you only spend around 6000 KRW or around Rp. 77 thousand. However, you can still reduce your expenses if you cook at home. So in a day you can at least spend 5000KRW or Rp. 64 thousand for 1 day of food costs.

For housing costs, the prices also vary, there are one office tel and apartments with rental fees ranging from 15000 KRW – 400000 KRW or around Rp. 2 million – Rp. 6 million per month. In fact, you can save this cost when sharing with your roommates.

If you calculate it, you only need to spend around Rp. 6-8 million for 1 month. So there is still a lot of your remaining salary that can be saved. Of course, the cost of living is beyond the lifestyle budget, yes, if you like shopping, you can certainly spend more.

2. Singapore

Minimum salary: SG $1302 or around Rp. 14 million/month

Closest to it, Singapore has been a customer for Indonesian employees for a long time. The country, which is known for its lion statues, has also opened many special job vacancies for Indonesians which can be checked on job vacancies websites.

However, the average salary of employees in Singapore is difficult to measure because Singapore does not implement the UMK system like Indonesia. Singapore is a country that has a high appreciation of various jobs. However, two exceptions were made recently: Minimum wage of $1,100 per month effective September 2016 for certain professions, as quoted from minimum-wage.org/international/singapore 

Singaporean companies will pay according to the quality of their employees. So, it is true that the story about companies in Singapore are happy to provide high pay for their employees.

For beginners and still afraid to work abroad, Singapore could be your first country. Singapore is also a country with very high multicultural values, all religions and ethnicities live well here. Whether you are Indonesian or Muslim, Singapore is the right choice for your work destination country. Because it is not difficult to find halal food and ingredients here.

However, the drawback in Singapore is the high salary coupled with an expensive lifestyle. So you have to be smart about saving if you live in Singapore. The cost of one meal in Singapore can reach Rp. 60 – Rp. 80 thousand and the cost of renting an apartment for one month in Singapore is the same as the cost of renting a 4 month apartment in Indonesia.

But even so, the benefits and various other appreciations such as overtime pay and bonuses are very high, besides that the income tax there is also low.

3. Hong Kong

Minimum salary: HK $10382 or around Rp. 19 million/month

Hong Kong is said to be a very friendly country with immigrants from Indonesia. In Hong Kong you will find many TKI because here is one of the countries that accommodates the most foreign workers from Indonesia.

Not much different from Singapore, as a country with high economic development, the cost of living in Hong Kong has become expensive, even the cost of living in Hong Kong is the most expensive in Asia after Japan. However, the treatment of foreign employees in Hong Kong is very good and of course it will be very suitable for those of you who want to work in a country with an atmosphere that is easy to adapt to.

Hong Kong is also known for its good level of security. Don't be afraid to go out at night in Hong Kong, besides being safe, reaching public transportation is very easy in any area in Hong Kong.

4. UK

Minimum salary: £1200 or around Rp22 million/month

Fantastic value, the cost of living in the UK is quite high. But England is one of the countries in Europe that is friendly to outsiders. In this country you will also easily find many Indonesian people with various destinations to the UK, whether for college, work or just a vacation.

The rhythm of working in the UK is also very relaxed and unlike Japan which requires its employees to be workaholics, the UK tries to maintain the mental and physical health of its employees by not imposing overtime hours and high appreciation for the achievements of its employees.

England is said to be comfortable to live in for a long time because the environment is filled with friendly, clean and disciplined people. Britain is also inhabited by Muslims. So if you are Muslim, you don't have to be afraid to look for halal food here because there are many available.

Regarding housing, you can choose an apartment or house flat and can look for roomates so you can divide the cost by 2. Even though it's expensive, you can keep your cost of living down by cooking more of your own food and taking public transportation or walking.

5. Finland

Average salary: €2009 EUR or around Rp34 million/month

Finland is currently ranked number 1 as the happiest country in the world. Not only that, Finland also ranks highest for the quality of its education system and work. Just imagine, in Finland you only need to work a maximum of 5 hours a day, these shorter working hours can make you even happier, right?  

Just like Singapore, here also does not have a law in setting the UMK. So the salary system in Finland is purely based on the quality of the employees and their profession, as quoted from minimum-wage.org/international/finland.

It doesn't matter if the income tax is high when the quality of life and work is guaranteed while working there. Moreover, Finland is known as a country that is guaranteed to be free from corruption and a very low crime rate, who is not comfortable living in Finland for a long time?

The UK and Finland provide 28 days of leave for their employees. Meanwhile, in Indonesia you only get a maximum of 15 days of leave. Here, in addition to a lot of leave, half-day work is also given more than what you get in Indonesia.

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6. Switzerland

Minimum salary: CHF5082 (Swiss Franc) or around Rp. 73 million/month

Switzerland is known as a country with the highest level of comfort in the world, like other European countries. Switzerland has complete public facilities and high technological advancements, so there is nothing but comfort and happiness when living here.

Not only that, Switzerland once sat at the top level as the cleanest country in the world. The people here are also known to be friendly and have a culture of helping each other. Government work is also known to be good, even though the cost of living in Switzerland is expensive but who doesn't want to have the opportunity to live in the cleanest country in the world and get a big salary?

So to avoid the problem of running out of money in Switzerland, you have to really commit to living a frugal way. Reduce hanging out and shopping for unnecessary things, follow the lifestyle of the Swiss people who are all simple and clean.

7. United States

Minimum salary: US $ 449 or around Rp. 6.3 million / month

Uncle Sam's country can be said to be everyone's dream country. As one of the world's superpowers, of course, many people dream of working there. America is also one of the countries with high multiculturalism, you can find all races, ethnicities and religions from various parts of the world there.

Advances in technology and discipline in the United States are not much different in quality from Europe, the public facilities are many and comfortable with a cheaper cost of living.

The advantage of America as a developed country is its tolerable cost of living. You can still find many apartment and house rental prices at low prices. So, the money to have fun is still there, there is still money to save.

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