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PS5 Games Can Now Be Transferred to External Hard Drives

PS5 Games Can Now Be Transferred to External Hard Drives

Sony has just announced a new feature that allows users to save PlayStation 5 (PS5) games on an external USB hard drive. This feature can be used by all PS5 players starting today, Wednesday (4/14/2021).

As proclaimed by XDA Developers, Wednesday (4/14/2021), players actually cannot move games from external drives such as HDDs.

Since their initial release, they have only been given internal storage in the form of an SSD of 825 GB.

With the built-in SSD, players cannot play or even download PS5 games directly to an external hard drive.

They have to delete first if the memory used is full of game titles.

This new feature can allow users to store more PS5 games elsewhere as backup, without worrying about deleting and re-downloading some games from the internal SSD memory.

Another update that is also presented by Sony is Share Play across generations. Now, PS5 owners can invite their friends, who use PS4, to join the game.

Thus, users of different consoles of this generation can share their screens while using their respective controllers to play games together online.

PS5 and PS4 users also get the 'Request to Join' option which serves as a quick way to enter the game with their friends.

Then there are also some improvements to the PlayStation UI, where the chat feature between one another is easier and faster than before.

PS5 players can also customize their game library with the ability to find or hide games from view. The new UI also has an option to adjust screen zoom in the Settings menu.

Furthermore, this update also brings pre-downloads for some of the game titles that have been previously downloaded. Finally, there are visual changes to the Trophy Settings and stats screen.

Sony also mentioned that the PlayStation app will also be upgraded in the coming weeks. This will offer better functionality.

It is expected that some of the features it will bring such as the ability to join multiplayer sessions on the PS5, manage the storage of the PS5 console, compare trophy collections with friends, and sort or filter products displayed on the PlayStation Store.

Nintendo has penetrated the mobile market by presenting a number of games made by it on the Android and iOS platforms. Soon, Sony seems to be catching up to be more active in doing the same thing. The indication is the newest job advert that has been posted by Sony recently. 

On a website, the Japanese company is seen looking for the best candidate to serve as Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios. 

As Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios, you will formulate a strategy for game development on the mobile platform, as well as build a foundation and look for opportunities to grow in that segment, wrote Sony. 

You will also lead all aspects related to Sony's exclusive game expansion from gaming consoles and PCs to smartphones and Live Services, with the aim of the successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation game franchise to the mobile platform, Sony added. 

On the same website, Sony also describes the job desk and criteria that must be met by those who wish to be placed in the Sony PlayStation Studios antor in California, USA. 

Some time ago, Sony actually launched two free smartphone games adapted from the popular game series, namely Sackboy (Run Sackboy! Run!) And Uncharted (Uncharted: Fortune Hunter). 

Run Sackboy! Run is a platformer game that is arguably similar to the original version, but with a 2.5D viewpoint mechanism instead of 3D. 

Meanwhile, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is not an adventure game like the usual Uncharted series which is rich in stories, but a game with the puzzle genre. 

Will these games have the same storyline, graphic quality, and gameplay when played on smartphones? We look forward to it.