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Knowing Virtual Reality (VR) and Its Use That Everyone Can Enjoy, Especially Business People

Knowing Virtual Reality (VR) and Its Use That Everyone Can Enjoy, Especially Business People

 Knowing Virtual Reality (VR) and Its Use That Everyone Can Enjoy, Especially Business People

Virtual Reality is a combination word from English, namely 'virtual' and 'reality. 'Virtual' has a close meaning, while 'reality' means the real things we experience as humans. 

Thus, it can be concluded that Virtual Reality means 'close to reality. For people who live far apart, Virtual Reality can be an alternative way to meet.

Virtual reality can be found in many ways, for example on headsets, treadmills, and special gloves. 

When using virtual reality, the human brain and five senses will produce an illusion. Because of this, many people play games using this technology. 

Using virtual reality can make humans feel like they are in that place, so playing games will feel more real, and much more fun.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Technology, from Playing Games to Assisting Medical Workers

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation in which a person can interact in an artificial three-dimensional environment using electronic devices.

This simulation can be similar to the real world, such as the atmosphere when walking in a city abroad.

VR brings sights, sounds, and other sensations through devices such as glasses, headsets, and sensor devices such as gloves or controllers.

Apart from VR, there is also Augmented Reality (AR). Although almost similar, the two have differences.

Augmented Reality simulates artificial objects in a real environment. Meanwhile, Virtual Reality creates a habitable artificial environment.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR)?

1. ForData Visualization

VR makes it easy to visualize scientific and technical data. VR also helps visualize products, molecular, architecture, and weather models.

With VR, a business can also promote display items or displays through virtual exhibitions.

2. As Entertainment

There are many art exhibitions and games that get more exciting when played in VR because people can experience visuals and experiences from art or games directly and in real life.

3. the transportation field

VR can also serve as a driving simulation exercise, where it can save fuel and prevent accidents from occurring in the rider's training.

An example is in the flight training program. A pilot can use a realistic cockpit with VR technology in a training program that combines virtual flight and hands-on instruction.

4. Assisting Medical Workers

Surgeons can train with virtual tools and patients, and use their virtual skills in the operating room.

Research shows that this kind of training results in a faster healing method and minimizes errors. (*)