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How to Top Up PUBG Mobile with Direct Credit in Android, Games, Mobile, Game Tutorials

How to Top Up PUBG Mobile with Direct Credit in Android, Games, Mobile, Game Tutorials

You can indeed top up PUBG Mobile on several well-known site services. But, if asked which one is the most trusted, we would suggest that you fill in the UC directly from the game. 

PUBG Mobile top-up from within this game can be done by payment via credit, so transactions will be easier.

Well, for those of you who want to Top UP UC PUBG Mobile with credit, we recommend that you know how to add payment methods on Google Play first. If you want to try it, you can immediately click the button below. How to Add Google Play Credit Payment Methods

How to Top Up PUBG Mobile with Credit

If you really intend to top up UC, you can follow the steps below. This is how to top up PUBG Mobile with credit directly from the game. Open the Game As usual, you must first open the game application on your smartphone. 

Then, wait for the loading and login to complete. Click Top Up. Once on the main page, you must enter the top up menu. You can click the plus icon (+) at the top right, next to your profile menu. If you are confused, you can see the image below. 

 Choose the amount of UC Next, you are required to choose the amount of UC you want. Many choices are provided ranging from cheap to expensive. 

You can adjust it to the budget you have. Payment Menu After selecting the amount of UC, you will enter the payment menu. Here you can see information on your purchases, starting from the name of the game to the amount of credit you have to pay. 

You have already added a payment method using credit, but if you want to see the others, you can click on the image that we have marked below. 

Payment Methods Here, you can see the payment methods you can make. Because the original intention was to use credit, you can return to the previous menu and press "buy with 1 click". 

Payment Verification Final, you will be asked to verify so that it is known that the one doing the top up is really the owner of the cellphone. After that, you will immediately get the UC that you bought.

Is There Any Other Way?

As far as we know, Unipin does not provide credit top up for this game. On this site you can only use other payment methods such as, via vouchers, internet / m-banking to credit. 

Similar to Unipin, Codashop also does not have a payment method via credit. Both of them are now working with Midasbuy for the PUBG Mobile top up feature. Well, maybe this is the way to top up PUBG Mobile with pulses directly from the application. 

For those of you who want to ask, please comment below. Dafunda Game will continue to share tips, tutorials, and the latest news so that you are always updated. So don't forget to visit us again.